Types of Repairs and Packages

At Appliance Cowboys, we strive to ensure that our clients get expert maintenance, repair, and support services for all commercial coffee and tea brewers. Our goal is to ensure that the equipment maintains optimal operation and produces quality beverages around the clock. Unlike other technicians, we work with the client in mind, ensuring quality and affordable services.

Our licensed and authorized technicians are just a call away to help you keep your coffee brewing business alive. We have an all-inclusive repair process that ensures that we meet all our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on providing repair services on all brands. We repair all makes and models on all coffee grinding machines, coffee brewers, ice tea machines, liquid coffee machines, cappuccino machines, iced tea machines, and cup espresso machines. Below are the services Appliance Cowboys for Commercial Coffee Makers or Tea Makers and Machines.


After scheduling an appointment, our technician will perform a thorough review and analysis of the machine and communicate the problem to the client. Our diagnostic process helps in detecting the problems that lead to machine failure. We complete all the troubleshooting and diagnostics before working on any repairs. Our diagnostic process mainly includes

  • Checking the power problems
  • Checking water
  • Checking the part
  • Software diagnostics
  • Checking the heating elements

Equipment & Machines repair! 

After the diagnostics, our technicians will find the appropriate repair approach for the specific problem. The repair service is often determined on whether the spare parts are available or special ordered to repair it later.

Equipment Repair

Our equipment repair service call packages start at $295.00. This is the minimum charge to send our technician to your location to diagnose, maintain and repair the machine.

  • The fee includes up to 1 hour of total labor and travel.
  • A return travel fee may apply for extended travel locations.
  • Airports, office buildings, and other locations that require security check-in may also incur an additional non-labor fee billed as idle time.
  • Traveling time, additional labor, idle time, and return time are billed at $99 per hour.


The pricing above excludes supplies or parts needed to complete the service call. Traveling/ return/ idle time usually covers the costs of fuels, running costs, tolls, and non-labor time during travel, installations, and service calls.

Equipment Installation 

Our installation package starts at $ 295.00 per machine. At Appliance Cowboys, all our technicians have undergone rigorous training to ensure reliable service. As such, you can be sure that all the installations are done correctly. We provide installation services for commercial enterprises, including convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, schools, breakfast shops, healthcare facilities, gas stations, and extensive facilities such as stadiums, plants, and schools.

Our installation fee does not include the following services. These services are subject to additional parts costs.

  • Basic water filtration installation
  • Waterline/fitting, electrical cords/ plugs to connect the equipment
  • Programming the machine
  • Calibration
  • Faulty equipment or parts repairs

Installation site preparation is the Customer’s Responsibility

  • The installation previsions guidelines are the client’s responsibility
  • Electrical, plumbing, and contract for the machine need to be fabricated, tested, and operational up to the local code and builder requirements for installation
  • Our technicians at Appliance Cowboys are not licensed electricians, plumbers, or contractors. As such, the additional electrical or plumbing works performed by our technicians is not licensed nor guaranteed
  • The client should ensure that an electrical outlet or water connection is within reach
  • The client should also make any modifications to existing cabinets or counters before installation
  • If the site is not complete or any of the items listed are missing, we add a site survey charge of $99.00, which covers additional travel and work performed.

Preventive Maintenance 

At Appliance Cowboys, we also offer preventative maintenance. This service includes regular and routine maintenance of the machines and assets to keep them running optimally. The service also helps in preventing any costly unplanned downtime that may result from unexpected equipment failure. Our preventative maintenance package starts at $99.00. The service is subject to the following items.

  • All the parts are subject to additional costs.
  • The maintenance is subject to a machine-to-machine basis
  • A preventive maintenance package does not qualify if the machine has prior failures or issues
  • It is important to ask our technicians for recommended preventative maintenance since different machines require specific parts
  • Our preventative maintenance cannot be exchanged for an original service repair

Generally, our preventative maintenance services include or are limited to;

  • Testing the sensor
  • Structural inspection of the equipment
  • Valve test
  • Checking for internal leaks
  • Water calibration
  • Ground weight calibration or adjustment of the ground coarseness
  • Replacement of the recommended parts ( these are subject to additional costs)

Site Survey 

A site survey allows our technicians to make the correct assessment of the proper installations for the machine. We also help guide the client on finding the best machine that suits their business. With a wealth of experience in the field, our technicians will help the client select the proper coffee and ice makers to fit the available space and meet your customers’ demands. This will result in increased operations efficiency and proper machine performance. Our site survey package starts at $99.00. What is included?

  • We offer an in-person survey that includes visual inspection, basic water test, and consulting service for $99.00. If the location is out of our service area zone, an additional fee may apply.
  • The onsite customer responsibility for the site survey includes
  • Water connection and shut off should be within distance of where you want to install the machine
  • Provide functioning electrical outlet within the desired installation location
  • Routing, installation, and testing of all the plumbing and electrical connections
  • Make sure that any modifications to the cabinets, counters, and shelves are done before the arrival of the technician
  • Our technicians should not cut or sweat copper fittings. Ensure that the contractor completes this beforehand.

Emergency Services 

At Appliance Cowboys, we also offer an emergency service, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as long as we have an available technician. If all our technicians are engaged, we usually schedule an appointment as soon as we have a technician we can send. We provide emergency service calls for equipment that is 100 percent non-operational. Our emergency service starts at $295. All the emergency services or services performed outside the regular business hours (8.00 AM to 4:30 PM) usually increase the installation, labor, and traveling time by 1.5 times, unless our technician scheduled the installation or service call for that time.

Relocation of existing commercial equipment to a new address or Onsite Remodeling 

If you are looking to relocate your business premises, we can help. We understand relocating to a new location can be exciting; however, you must stay focused on the future. Below are some of the ways that we can make your relocation a success.

  • Schedule a site survey with us. Our technicians will visit your premises and recommend the correct installation that meets the needs of your new establishment.
  • Our technicians will also help you to plan your move m the right time
  • Location setup is crucial before a grand opening or soft opening. The essential factors in a coffee shop are to ensure that your clients get consistent quality coffee. Our technician will make sure that your coffee station is ready to brew your menus when you open your door.
  • Our relocation and removals of existing equipment packages starting at $295.00 per machine. Call us to get more details.

Water Filtration 

The water distributed by water companies passes through pipes and may pick up various minerals that may affect the taste and odor of the coffee. At Appliance Cowboys, we also offer filter installation to help achieve better brewing water quality. Some of the other advantages of installing a filter for your machine include;

  • Reduction or removal of the concentrated particulate matter that may include parasites, particles, algae, bacteria, fungi, and other chemical contaminants
  • Water filtration helps in improving the efficiency of the machine
  • It helps prevent the chlorine taste and odor
  • Efficient filtration also helps in reducing the risk of scale buildup in the machine.
  • The filter also blocks mineral deposits, sediment, scale, and other contaminants.

Our filter installation packages start at $199 for each filter. We use a 3M water filtration product HF25-s cartridge. We also provide installation for this inline filtration system with our preventative maintenance call, service call, and installation call.

3M water filtration system

Great tasting coffee/tea starts with clear and crisp water. The HF25-s cartridge filter helps in limiting the unpleasant chlorine taste and odor. The filter also eliminates sediments that may lead to scale buildup. It featured a sanitary quick-change design that eliminates the hassle of contamination when changing the filter. Additionally, the filter operates with a pressure of up to 125 PSI and filters up to 10,000 gallons of water at 1.5GPM.


At Appliance cowboys, we also provide a comprehensive warranty to ensure that our clients are happy with our services. Our warranty includes the following;

  • Our maintenance and repair services are covered by a 7-calendar day on labor warranty and a 30-day warranty on parts.
  • It is important to note that our warranty does not cover damaged parts by contaminated water or high levels of scales.
  • The warranty also does not cover malfunctioning problems caused by inefficient water filtration and other outside circumstances such as electrical, user error, or plumbing problems that cause the malfunctioning of the equipment.
  • The warranty does not cover equipment features failures such as water level probes, heating elements, and sensor malfunctioning resulting from hard water use.
  • Other repairs, services, installations, or disconnections that are done by companies other than our technicians will void the warranty.
  • The warranty does not cover works such as powder coating, metal plating, painting, and custom electronic devices done by outside contractors.
  • Our warranty does not apply to consumable parts
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